Iron Jawed Angels: another brilliant & moving film

you absolutely must rent this. beautiful cinematography, soundtrack, and a very inspiring and timeless message. i think the new Abolitionist Movement could take a cue from this film!


how I got eaten by a Zombie

my movie debut

*removed because of censors


Is it ok to give?

So you've probably seen a lot of nonprofits lately asking for you to give gifts this year that support the poor. I'm all for this. But I think it's also still totally fine to give a normal gift to loved ones! The point of 'enlightened sustainable giving' and stopping rampant consumerism is to help ourselves and others live better lives.

But let's face it, that doesn't work if you cut out the joy in your own life (or friends/family) and the next year say "screw that, I'm going to buy tons of stuff now cause last year I deprived myself". ya know?

so do both... don't go crazy on either side, and I think you'll find this could become a more sustainable habit, not just a one time gimmick.

Here's one a friend is involved in,

Agros International


amazing cellist from Slovakia here OCT 26

Jozef Luptak is playing an intimate cello/voice concert in the Great Hall at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center on Sunday October 26th.

His performance last year literally brought tears to my eyes. I met Jozef at an arts conference and saw him perform in a concert hall with a small audience. It was really amazing. He not only plays wonderfully with just cell, but on some songs he also does this haunting singing style and clicking (reminds me of Sigur Ros a bit actually) WHILE PLAYING! Very interesting.



Humanitarian Films - Oct 23-25 in SEATTLE

here's an under the radar film festival that's doing a great job bringing important humanitarian films to Seattle. UP THE YANGTZE IS AMAZING. i saw it during SIFF. epic!

is host to the Traveling Human Rights Watch Film Festival, this forum utilizes film, keynote lectures, and discussion panels to engage modern issues of faith and social justice critical to countering modern exploitation and injustice.


I implore you to watch this.

The Color of Freedom/Goodbye Bafana
. I found this film to be very moving.

It helped me see a bit more clearly how tragically similar some things are even in our current "civilized" world. Such as Guatanamo Bay prison (probably) and the current situation with Human Slavery around the world AND in the "freedom enthused" United States. I highly suggest you watch this quietly, alone, or with a friend. It's very gripping as well, not a documentary type.

On related note, Call and Response also releases in US theatres Oct 10 (Oct 9 in Seattle), please join us and support this groundbreaking new film about the human trafficking & slavery issue (featuring people like Dr. Cornell West, Matisyahu, Moby, Ashley Judd, Cold War Kids, and many more). www.callandresponse.com. BE AN ABOLITIONIST.



Bands Without Borders

As featured in the new edition of Relevant Magazine (a nationally known mag apparently!)...
many of you know this is my side project non-profit which helps bands and fans get involved with great humanitarian causes. check it out! tell someone you know... join up!



the Roundabout...

see post below for how this started...

[and click on the photos for larger versions]


Life Is Beautiful.

While I did happen to watch the film tonight, this roundabout struck me earlier this week as a simple and beautiful example of human goodness and joy. Such valuable items, and completely without reward. The guestbook on the table will bring you a tear.

Please... turn off the news and open your eyes...

I've seen 3 striking things in as many days. Some anonymous soul who trimmed ivy vines on the side of an old warehouse in Bellingham, into the shape of a heart. Some industrious artist in Mt. Vernon who carefully crafted a wooden beach house out of intwertwined branches... then made a big piece symbol out of drift wood on a stake that could be seen from I-5 even. All done on a beach that will no doubt be covered by the river in a month.

What beautiful parts of life have you seen lately?

p.s. as you can see in this night photo that was taken a couple days later, the display only grows. i'm going to walk down and see what it's like tomorrow, i can't wait. (it's just a block east of Greenlake Way around 57th or so on Kenwood Place)


Call & Response - new film about human slavery

You will definitely be hearing more about this. Check it out early!



Fugitive Pieces.

could be just where i'm at right now, but this movie really moved me. i think it's beautiful.


the trailer isn't very good, but the film has some really stunning & interesting cinemetography along with the story. i think a lot of americans could learn more about the value & impact of memories.

it's at the SIFF this month


Proud of our poets.

Wow. Danny Sherrard just emailed me and he's on his way to the WORLD CUP of Poetry in Paris. Danny came up through Youth Speaks, then Seattle Poetry Slam and he's been one of our favorite performers at The Round for the past couple years. Congrats Danny! go get em...


Fremont Abbey Arts Center blows up...

...with people! haha, got ya.

Wow, what a day. I'm currently sitting up in the Bell Tower since thankfully there are no drum lessons up here tonight. I've been relegated to the tower because every single other room is in use right now. It's really beautiful.

Samba Dance Class with live band and about 40 people dancing in the Great Hall...
Fremont Music School private instruction in the smaller rooms...
Music School group class in the fireside room...
Seattle Guitar Circle's first performance & rehearsal in the Cafe...

it's wonderful. thanks to all the volunteers & supporters of this place!



going to see the Dalai

i'm going to see the Dalai Lama speak tomorrow as part of the Seeds of Compassion conference. for some reason i'm nervous. it's not like i'm going to meet him or need to know what to say. maybe i'm feeling guilty about not being compassionate enough? i don't know. i guess i've probably never been in the same building as a major world leader.

this music from Bon Iver is helping me calm down though and i HIGHLY recommend you buy the album.



A friend in need.

Help my friend Amanda's Dad get holistic cancer treatment that of course insurance will not cover. See auction items here (lots of good music).