Wow, it worked.

Consumer pressure on Starbucks influences them to sign agreement with poor Ethiopean coffee farmers.

Darfur Wall.

SECOND LIGHT: A Benefit for Darfur
DJ Darek Mazzone, DJ Rhythma, DJ Starterkit
Saturday, 07/07/07, 10 PM | The Baltic Room, 1207 Pine St. Seattle
$7 / 21+ | http://darfurwall.org/party

Vanity Fair.

i concur.


Earth Bag House in Haiti.

who would have thought this could work.


Music Moves Me.

just added a bunch more songs & poems to The Round podcast (justin ringle from horse feathers, denise jolly, jamie kilstein, downpilot, danny sherrard, etc.), just search for it on itunes or click on www.theround.org to subscribe

also listening to new Cloud Cult... mmm. they also have live painters at their shows, though i think they got the idea from someone else.


Book & Blog you will like.

I highly highly recommend this guy's writings. Hilarious, inciteful, witty, absurd. His 'instruction manual for living and dying' is epic and his pscyhological drama romance novel is proven to really "mess with your head".


The Round's 25th w/ Damien Jurado

very exciting news... Damien Jurado is confirmed for ROUND25 on June 25th at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center. Painters Emily Leonard & Scott Erickson will join the musicians as well as poets from Seattle Poetry Slam & Youth Speaks. www.theround.org