I just found this movie and it was very good. I highly recommend it.


The core problem in our world.

Short sighted pursuit of excessive profit. (ie. Greed)

Watch The Corporation.

This is a good film actually. I wish more Americans would watch it. This is essentially why 3rd world countries and low income Americans have such a tough time advancing.


People Talking and Singing. Benefit for 826 Seattle.

Me and my brother went to this last year and it was probably the highlight event of my year. Seriously. It's more like a variety show and has definitely inspired me with the Round to try different things.
PTAS web banner 1


Back in the box

Come on now
Back in the box
Stop kicking those legs
Quit making a fuss

Come on now
Stop stretching those arms
Stop looking around
You're thinking too much

Sit back and relax
Close your eyes tight
Back in the box
Safe, secure, and alright

-Rick Sleutaris (found in Adbusters)


ROUND 28 is Monday Sep 24

And raising volunteers & awareness for Agros International.


Cloud Cult @ kexp bbq uses my easels. :-)

I was honored to lend a couple easels I made for the Fremont Abbey Arts Center to Cloud Cult & kexp for their bbq/show on saturday. I wasn't able to make the show cause of a family reunion, but you can glimpse the now famous easels at work in some fun photos on KEXP's blog. Definitely check out this band, they are one of my favorites. *thanks to Scott Erickson for teaching me how to make these portable easels.


Oct 5 on your calendar?

I sure hope so. This is the ad i just made for a 1/2 page in Seattle Sound (which they donated, thank you!). Sadly U.S.E. can no longer play due a wedding, but it'll still be a sweet show (and keep an eye out for a different 21+ show Oct 6 as well.

WATER 1st - volunteer!


Daytrotter - Live Recordings are free

This is a great site, check out Round alumni Horse Feathers, Laura Gibson, and others!

Favorite Videos - Youtube

I think these videos are fun/interesting.


Seattle Weekly humour.

hah... i prefer to actually be 'behind the scenes', but i guess it's a good article for the arts center!


Nuclear Winter arrives.

In stores today! www.lonelyforest.com

the lonely forest cd release shows:
Aug 4 - Vera, Seattle
Aug 9 - Live on 107.7 The END @ The Beachhouse
Aug 10 - Retrodoxy, Mt. Vernon
Aug 11 - Crocodile, Seattle *w/ The Pale. benefit for Vera Project.


Woodsong Festival

This coming weekend on Orcas Island. ahh...

The Round picnic.

July 23 @ Greenlake


Wow, it worked.

Consumer pressure on Starbucks influences them to sign agreement with poor Ethiopean coffee farmers.

Darfur Wall.

SECOND LIGHT: A Benefit for Darfur
DJ Darek Mazzone, DJ Rhythma, DJ Starterkit
Saturday, 07/07/07, 10 PM | The Baltic Room, 1207 Pine St. Seattle
$7 / 21+ | http://darfurwall.org/party

Vanity Fair.

i concur.


Earth Bag House in Haiti.

who would have thought this could work.


Music Moves Me.

just added a bunch more songs & poems to The Round podcast (justin ringle from horse feathers, denise jolly, jamie kilstein, downpilot, danny sherrard, etc.), just search for it on itunes or click on www.theround.org to subscribe

also listening to new Cloud Cult... mmm. they also have live painters at their shows, though i think they got the idea from someone else.


Book & Blog you will like.

I highly highly recommend this guy's writings. Hilarious, inciteful, witty, absurd. His 'instruction manual for living and dying' is epic and his pscyhological drama romance novel is proven to really "mess with your head".


The Round's 25th w/ Damien Jurado

very exciting news... Damien Jurado is confirmed for ROUND25 on June 25th at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center. Painters Emily Leonard & Scott Erickson will join the musicians as well as poets from Seattle Poetry Slam & Youth Speaks. www.theround.org


Lonely Forest, Nuclear Winter

proud of my boys...

(Vera Project/Folklife, 5/27/07)
After seeing the Lonely Forest for the first time sans
guitar player (he left late last year to attend school), I was so
impressed that I had to immediately gush about them on Line Out—they
have consciously made their new material just as dynamic as before,
even without the oh so important six-string, and as a longtime fan,
that made me very happy. Drummer Braydn Krueger is a machine—one of
the best young drummers in the city (and by "young," I mean under 21).
Singer/keyboardist John Van Deusen's voice can cleanly croon, but he
also gets emotional and cathartic, adding a nice dichotomy to the
beauty of his piano. Get stoked for their upcoming album, Nuclear
Winter—it's a self-described "space rock odyssey into an alternate
dimension," and based on the songs posted on their MySpace page
(www.myspace.com/thelonelyforest), it'll no doubt carve them a nice,
long-standing niche in the local scene as not just an "underage" band,
but a talented one too. MEGAN SELING, The Stranger



just watched Fast Food Nation. go rent it now.

then go to www.participate.net


children in haiti.

wow. a new member at the Project Hope sustainable village & orphanage in Haiti. i've been to this place twice and maintain their website. you should check them out.


this was very interesting.


Events to check out


april 27 = invisible children displace me event - saturday, 6pm-9am @ magnuson park

may 1 = immigration rights march - Seattle, 3pm @ Fisher plaza

may 3 = international justice mission benefit gala, 7pm @ sheraton seattle hotel

may 5 = work party @ Fremont Abbey Arts Center 11a-4p, food/music provided. HELP!

may 4 & may 11 - Art Walks / may 8 - Anathallo @ Atlas

damien rice talks

a friend took me to Benaroya last night to see Damien Rice... beautiful show... had never seen anything in there besides a couple symphonies and this was much louder and more intense. what was interesting though is that the show was an Earth Day thing put on by KMTT (radio) and so midway through the concert Mr. Rice spoke for probably 10 minutes about environmental concerns... he didn't rant and seemed pretty balanced on the "who do we believe" question, which i found refreshing. mostly though he told a story of how he found a paralyzed seagull in Dublin and ended up saving it... it healed... and was released. it was something he did personally. i did find it odd though that he is doing a benefit album with a bunch of friends and still doesn't know yet who the beneficiary will be (just for the Earth is all they've got so far). this just goes to show again that bands & audiences need a lot better help to connect with good non-profits they can trust.


Round 23 is April 23.

*updated* we have a very nice group of artists this month. Gabe & Tirzah Archer (Pale Pacific, Finder), Julie Jane, Noah Weaver (U.S.E.), (and Shane Tutmarc from Dolour just added!)
Chris Sheridan, Kristen Cochran, on live painting
Kyle Ricci & Aaron Ashby (Youth Speaks)... www.fremontabbey.org


DISPLACE ME - Saturday April 28

www.invisiblechildren.com/displaceme on April 28th at magnuson park.
"this is a large-scale protest/simulation of the displacement camps in northern uganda. you may have heard of "global night commute" last year. that event protested situations in northern uganda that were causing thousands of children to commute into cities and sleep cramped into small places in unhealthy conditions. two months after "global night commute" things began to change and now there is virtualy no commuting!
also, we are looking to double or triple our volunteers. we need people to be parking attendants, first aid people, security, people to collect letters written to congress people, sign people in, sound engineers etc. VOLUNTEER - becky tucker (eyeheartseattle@gmail.com)


Joe isn't a Fair Trader?

What? No. It couldn't possibly be.

But, they are strangely deficient of Fair Trade coffees. Strange isn't it?

While trying to escape the U-District Trader Joes in Seattle without spending $100's, I went to grab some coffee beans and it took me literally 1.5 minutes to find the fair trade coffee down on the bottom shelf. There were about 3 or 4 varieties out of the 30+ they have. I looked closely at all the other kinds thinking that maybe ol' Joe has his own Fair Trade system. He doesn't. He simply doesn't stock many fair trade coffees at all and doesn't prioritize them in displays.

This should change.

I spoke with the manager and asked if Trader Joes does in fact care about Fair Trade (since I was pretty sure they did) and she gave the classic & seemingly sincere "oh we are trying to find more fairly traded coffees, yada yada". Granted, she did say they would move them up higher on the shelves, but still. If Trader Joes can't even do a good job of selling a good % of Fair Trade coffees... then what can we expect of Starbucks or other stores!

The good news is that the fair trade coffee was almost sold out tonight. And the other good news is - YOU CAN HELP CHANGE THIS. I think it would be a great statement to show how our voices can change corporate policies.


FILMS: Sierra Leone Refugee All-stars, Black Gold

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars and Black Gold were the highlights of the film forum i was at this weekend. Iraq in Fragments was pretty good too. check them out...


upcoming good events.

events I will be at and highly suggest:

hip hop film screening - tuesday, april 17 @ varsity theatre

benefit for clinics in africa - friday, april 20 @ fremont abbey arts center, 7pm

invisible children film screening - tuesday, april 24 @ fremont abbey arts center, 7pm
invisible children displace me event - saturday, april 27 @ magnuson park
international justice mission benefit - thursday, may 3 @ sheraton seattle hotel



film faith and justice form is this weekend. started tonight @ UW, Kane Hall. i'll be tabling there some of the time... Saturday evening for sure... hope to see you! www.filmfaithandjustice.com