Humanitarian Films - Oct 23-25 in SEATTLE

here's an under the radar film festival that's doing a great job bringing important humanitarian films to Seattle. UP THE YANGTZE IS AMAZING. i saw it during SIFF. epic!

is host to the Traveling Human Rights Watch Film Festival, this forum utilizes film, keynote lectures, and discussion panels to engage modern issues of faith and social justice critical to countering modern exploitation and injustice.


I implore you to watch this.

The Color of Freedom/Goodbye Bafana
. I found this film to be very moving.

It helped me see a bit more clearly how tragically similar some things are even in our current "civilized" world. Such as Guatanamo Bay prison (probably) and the current situation with Human Slavery around the world AND in the "freedom enthused" United States. I highly suggest you watch this quietly, alone, or with a friend. It's very gripping as well, not a documentary type.

On related note, Call and Response also releases in US theatres Oct 10 (Oct 9 in Seattle), please join us and support this groundbreaking new film about the human trafficking & slavery issue (featuring people like Dr. Cornell West, Matisyahu, Moby, Ashley Judd, Cold War Kids, and many more). www.callandresponse.com. BE AN ABOLITIONIST.