Fremont Abbey Arts Center blows up...

...with people! haha, got ya.

Wow, what a day. I'm currently sitting up in the Bell Tower since thankfully there are no drum lessons up here tonight. I've been relegated to the tower because every single other room is in use right now. It's really beautiful.

Samba Dance Class with live band and about 40 people dancing in the Great Hall...
Fremont Music School private instruction in the smaller rooms...
Music School group class in the fireside room...
Seattle Guitar Circle's first performance & rehearsal in the Cafe...

it's wonderful. thanks to all the volunteers & supporters of this place!



going to see the Dalai

i'm going to see the Dalai Lama speak tomorrow as part of the Seeds of Compassion conference. for some reason i'm nervous. it's not like i'm going to meet him or need to know what to say. maybe i'm feeling guilty about not being compassionate enough? i don't know. i guess i've probably never been in the same building as a major world leader.

this music from Bon Iver is helping me calm down though and i HIGHLY recommend you buy the album.