ROUNDfive is Monday, Oct 24th @ the beautiful new Yesler Community Center (just off I-5 up the hill from downtown Seattle). FREE PARKING in the garage... check out the flyer for more details and www.myspace.com/intheround

Bread for the World Conference - NOV 19 @ Seattle U

Check out this upcoming conference being organized by Bread For the World entitled, The Power of ONE: Faith and Global Justice Conference. It will be taking place at Seattle University on Nov. 19th from 8:30 am - 12:30 pm.

For more information on this event please visit: www.bread.org/MDG_events/Seattle/poster.htm


Sep 27th SEATTLE - ROUNDfour @ Golden Gardens beach

The Round is growing fast! We are at ROUNDfour now and looking forward to a great evening of music at Golden Gardens Beachhouse in west ballard (shilshole). Check out www.myspace.com/intheround for more details as they come along. These evenings of music/art in the round have been really unique. I highly suggest you check it out...

Sep 17th SEATTLE - benefit for Zimbabwe kids

BlueTree.org is sponsoring a special evening at the Taproot Theatre to support a recently demolished community in Zimbabwe. The situation there is dire and these people need help much more so than the folks in New Orleans who are receiving massive aid from the US Government and non-profit agencies (albeit too slowly).

So please support this worthwhile cause and come together Sep 17th for a wonderful evening featuring various forms of art...

IAN MCFERON acoustic (seattle) www.ianmcferon.com
MEGAN SLANKARD (san francisco) www.meganslankard.com
MIRIAM JONES (vancouver, bc) www.miriamj.ca
Zimbabwean drummers
Special video about the situation in Zimbabwe
Silent auction for a painting and various photos

Great coffee and snacks during the intermission at the GREEN BEAN COFFEEHOUSE, who is the main sponsor and organizer of this event.


New video

A very informative (albeit not completely finished) video about water issues in Haiti is now available at www.bluetree.org/video (cwh-talking.mp4).

It's about 45mb though, so BROADBAND is needed and I suggest you "right click, save target as" to copy it to your computer.


New non-profit coffeeshop in Seattle/Greenwood

If you live anywhere in the NW Seattle area, I highly recommend you check out the "Green Bean" right on 85th/Greenwood next to the theatre and across from Gorditos.



Photos - March 2005

Here are a couple photos albums from my recent trip to Haiti in March, 2005.

a. Mostly from Les Cayes, Haiti (in the south) where I worked with Project Hope's sustainable Orphanage/Village - www.bluetree.org/photos

b. Mostly from around St. Marc (in the northwest) where our team was based. Thanks to Brendan Mix for most of these shots! www.bluetree.org/photos/teamhaiti2005-2