Life Is Beautiful.

While I did happen to watch the film tonight, this roundabout struck me earlier this week as a simple and beautiful example of human goodness and joy. Such valuable items, and completely without reward. The guestbook on the table will bring you a tear.

Please... turn off the news and open your eyes...

I've seen 3 striking things in as many days. Some anonymous soul who trimmed ivy vines on the side of an old warehouse in Bellingham, into the shape of a heart. Some industrious artist in Mt. Vernon who carefully crafted a wooden beach house out of intwertwined branches... then made a big piece symbol out of drift wood on a stake that could be seen from I-5 even. All done on a beach that will no doubt be covered by the river in a month.

What beautiful parts of life have you seen lately?

p.s. as you can see in this night photo that was taken a couple days later, the display only grows. i'm going to walk down and see what it's like tomorrow, i can't wait. (it's just a block east of Greenlake Way around 57th or so on Kenwood Place)

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Rose said...

Nathan, I love it!